Who’s your biggest book influence?

I first started thinking about who influences me most when it comes to books after Holly’s campaign to get me to read Bet Me. I thought about it last week, as I lay virtually dying (well it felt like I was) while watching re-runs of Charmed. As I sat there, deliriously hoping that someday I’d have the power to freeze, I honestly contemplated trying to blog about it before cutting my own head off. Unfortunately I didn’t have the energy to do either one, but it gave me time to think about who I listen to most when it comes to books.

I love finding new authors to try. When they’re great (i.e. Nalini Singh) I’ll shout it to the rooftops and harass forcefully suggest to my closest friends that they need to give the author in question a try. I’m relentless, I admit it. It took forever for Holly to try Nalini Singh. I even had Slave to Sensation mailed to her so she would read it. I considered it money well spent when she finally read it.

As for myself, I’m not an easy person to recommend to. I am extremely picky on what I read. I don’t like 1st person, I don’t generally like Chick-lit. I don’t like anthologies. The list goes on. That’s why it took Holly about two years to get me to read Bet Me. But read it I did. And that’s one of the reasons why Holly is my biggest book influence. Holly knows me. She knows my reading quirks and loves me anyway (don’t deny it, Holly). Because of that, I know that she would not recommend a book that I wouldn’t like. For example, she loved the first Stephanie Meyer book, but didn’t tell me I should read it. Why? Because she knew that I wouldn’t like it. Yet she knew I would love Bet Me, and I did.

So share with us…who is your biggest book influence? Have you ever been steered wrong?

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  1. For books outside the romance / scifi world, my biggest influence is my mom. Shes always telling me about books to read and I tend to put it off, but when I finally give in; I always love them. She’s the one that got me started reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. She bought me the ones that were out (when Fiery Cross first came out in hard cover) for Christmas one year and there was no going back for me.

  2. Funny you should post about this, Casee, since you’ve been my favorite book pimp for years. I remember the first time I went to the bookstore with you. You said, “How much do you want to spend?” and I said, “I don’t know. About $70, I guess” and you said, “Cool, follow me” and proceeded to stack books in my arms. LOL

    Ween is another huge one for me, which is funny when you consider we argue about books like it’s nobody’s business. 😛

    Reader blogs have certainly made a huge impact the last few years, too. I’ve come to trust several, knowing they have similar reading tastes.

  3. Stupid HTML. Third time’s the charm!

    Since I’m over here on BB, I should tell you all that I have “Paradise” by McNaught and “Welcome to Temptation” by Crusie in the TBR. Every time I think about this, I start feeling guilty, because I am not currently reading either of them, and all the talk makes me want to revisit McNaught and actually read Crusie. (I know, it’s a crime I haven’t read Jennifer Crusie, but I really will fix that someday.)

    I also think it’s interesting how Holly and I approach books in such completely different ways, but we can be on the same wavelength about what does and doesn’t work for us. It seems that when I read a book she recommends, I’ll either love it too or hate it with a passion. *LOL*

    As for other influences, I blame Rosario and Lisabea. Rosario and I approach books in a similar way, and even though our tastes don’t always completely mesh as much as I would like–she’s not a fan of westerns whereas I love them–I usually know I’ll like a book if she did. And Lisabea reads such different books from what I do, but she’s introduced me to Samantha Kane, who is one of my favorites, so I tend to listen when she tells me to stick something out or start something.

  4. La Lola over at ripmybodice.com almost always steers me right.

  5. Another place I have started finding referals is from authors’ web pages. When scanning web pages of authors I enjoy reading, I look for what authors they like. For example, I found Lois McMaster Bujold from Eileen Wilks and Linnea Sinclair from Robin Owens.

  6. That would be you.

    I’ve discovered a couple of new authors by just browsing the shelves of B&N (Shannon Butcher, was one of my most recent finds), but mostly, it’s from my romance reading friends.

  7. Holly is a big book influence for me too. If not for her, I wouldn’t have read most of the books that I did read and love.

  8. Kristie(J) – I mean really, who else but the one who recommended *cough* Derek Craven’s book? Since then I know if she loves a book I have to buy it. I may not read it for a while but it sure is on the pile.

    ReneeW – my reading twin – she’ll even note in her reviews if there is something she knows I won’t like – no sex? No thanks!

    It goes a long way to have someone understand that even though a book was fantastic for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for me. Stephanie Meyer would be a great example. Like you, no chick-lit, no YA etc.


  9. Holly, you know you jinxed yourself that day. Now everytime we go to the bookstore I just automatically assume you want to spend $70. So while you’re laying (tipsy) in the aisle, I just stack books by your head.

    FM, you are my true book twin and have been for years. If you’ve read a book/author that I’ve never heard of and liked it, I know I’ll like it. I don’t even question it anymore. LOL

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