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Ok – this will be short, sweet and to the point, unfortunately, since my kids are being hellions angels and seem to not be able to leave me alone long enough to post! Ah the joys of motherhood. (and sorry, I’m not including links either – yeah, I suck)

What do you do when you get an email telling you you’ve won a book and you can’t remember what you’ve won? You write back and ask, of course. Except then you don’t read the entire email so when you get the book you kind of look at it, like, WTF? Then you go back and read the entire email and realize you’re an idiot! lol This, as you can guess, is what happened to me. I thought I was getting Janice Maynard’s soon to be released By Appointment Only. Um, NOT. I got one of her Precious Gem collection books from 1997. Yes, the cover does look like she’s a baby bird accepting worms from her mother. But no, it’s just him with his tongue. (Ok, I’ve obviously not had enough sleep this weekend!) Anyway, the hero drove me up a freakin wall. Every time the heroine told him that she couldn’t see him anymore, which was definitely more than once, he would say mean things to her, i.e. she didn’t have a brain in her head (and my personal favorite) she was going to end up old and alone – niiiiice. And she still wanted to be with this clown? Come on!

I started reading Weddings from Hell with stories from Maggie Shayne, Jeaniene Frost, Terri Garey & Kathryn Smith. I got through the first, Till Death by Maggie Shayne, which was almost painful…and part of Happily Never After by Jeaniene Frost before getting completely distracted by My Fair Captain. I’m sure I’ll go back and read the rest at a later date. Please, someone remind me of that since I may forget! They say the mind is the first to go.

Lisabea reminded me – in a totally and obscure roundabout way, without even knowing she was doing it – that I should read My Fair Captain by J. L. Langley. Oh dear Lord what a fabulous book! I absolutely loved the whole premise of the book, the setting, the characters – all of them – I could go on and on. An absolutely wonderful book!

Then came a novella by Missy Lyons entitled Gold Fever. An ok book. Parts drove me nuts – like when the heroine left the hero to become a whore and he didn’t come looking for her for 2 weeks. Yep, that’s love. Too bad she liked it in the brothel so much! lol

Next was The Broken H by J. L. Langley. It was ok. See review below.

Still reading the Troubleshooters series by Suzanne Brockmann. She’s still whipping out the great books in this series…so I’m still reading them. I love how she usually has 3 different stories going on at the same time – one never gets bored reading them. So I finished Out of Control which was incredible and Into the Night which was also wonderful, but very serious and very sad…but there was also an HEA.

Happy Reading!!!

What did you read this week?

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21 responses to “What I’ve Been Reading This Week

  1. Great reading group.

    Uh..yeah, probably not going to enjoy the first one (if find it at all).
    Interested in the second one, but only so-so.
    Going to read My Fair Captain eventually, just not sure when.
    That fourth one…IMO, very weird story.
    The last three, I’ll wait for your reviews to decide. Yes, no pressure at all. ^_~

  2. I’ve read non on your list but I do have weddings from hell, but I think I’m only going to read the Kathryn Smith one, since she’s the only one I read. I do read some Maggie Shayne.

    I did read a couple great books this week. Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione was fantastic! And I finally read Jessica Bird the Billionaire Next Door. That was a really good book. And The Wolf by Jean Johnson. Great book also.

  3. Alys…I wouldn’t even bother with Tent for Two IMO. Definitely read My Fair Captain! The Suzanne Brockmanns? Totally worth reading, they get better with each book and they were good to start! 🙂

    Amy – You haven’t read Jeaniene Frost? OMG you have GOT to read her. One Foot in the Grave and Halfway to the Grave are just wonderful!
    I heard that PU was really good, good to hear you enjoyed it. I’ve read 1 JB but then couldn’t find the 2nd. Have the third in my TBR. I’ll get to it eventually! lol

  4. Tent for Two? I immediately thought of those double donged alien books.

    I have NOT read them…I’ve only heard talk. JL Langely is bringing two of them with her to the DIK island. I almost peed myself laughing.

    Tent for Two.OMG.

  5. I know LB. And the sad thing? I read it. Yes, all 156 pages, it’s true.
    Wait, double dong alien books? Of what do you speak?

  6. WOW you read A LOT. Speaking of didn’t MFC TOTALLY ROCK!! OMG I love that book. Ummm I feel a re-reading coming on.

  7. It must be the moon phase… my kids are doing the same thing!

    LOL @ the Janice Maynard book. Well.. maybe not LOL for you… but your response got a chuckle out of me.

    So glad to hear we’re on the same page on “Till Death” by Maggie Shayne in the Weddings From Hell anthology. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the others. Have you read Kathryn Smith’s Brotherhood of Blood novels? I’m sorry-I know I’ve asked this of you before but forgot your answer. :S

    I just finished Larissa Ione’s PLEASURE UNBOUND over the weekend and LOVED it! I’m going to post a review in the next day or so. Not sure what I’m going to read next… I thought I had a plan… have to remember what it was… 😉 [Euro finals yesterday… equivalent of the superbowl for European football (soccer)…. still recovering.]

  8. Amy just did a review for Pleasure unbound. It sounds great. As I told her…I think I might have bought it but honestly can’t remember – so sad!
    I’ve not read any of Kathryn Smith’s stuff but she’s been recommended to me more than once – so many authors/books….yada yada! lol
    Come one Christine – you need to write that reading plan down…and then send it to me cuz I’m all over the page lately!:)

    Glad to see you survived the Euro finals!

  9. Oh Stan! ::sigh:: Keep reading, girl! You are so close to Sam’s story.

    I finially broke down and read The Spymaster’s Lady. I know, I know. Late to the party, as usual. I also read Hot by Julia Harper and finished Extreme Danger by Shannon McKenna. I am half way through with my reread of Mr. Perfect. God, I love that book!

  10. Yeah – Stan’s great (Troubleshooters for those who are wondering). I loved WildCard’s story. Mike’s was good, but so many sad things happened! I’m reading Sam’s now. Holy crap! lol

  11. *shhhh* I think Blossom’s beeing flying into too many buildings! lol

    Ok KB – totally agree – NATE, BEARD, RING,CUDDLING!!!

  12. KB~If I find that picture JL Langely sent me, should I send it to you guys? OMG do you remember it???

    Mmm….holy crap…Nate….Ow ow ow

  13. Thanks CJ! Glad you likey..Brockmann – lovin her books!

    LB I want picture of Nate! Send to me! *Stomps foot*

  14. Wait how come I didn’t get a picture of NATE????? I post the hawtness on the DIK blog don’t I deserve to see the pic?

  15. So the story is that JL sent me this nekkid picture of Nate…and I tried to post it as a click on the link to see it, but I had no clue how, and I kept accidentally posting it like 10 times (OMG) and I’d go to my View Blog thing and there was this buck nekkid Nate with his ring toss and I was all DOH. Soooo, I put it up on photo bucket. 3 days later I was spanked by photo bucket.

    I need to search my files of it. OR I’ll see if J.L.will send it again. WOW.

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