Review: Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare.

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Genres: Romantic Suspense

Hero: Marc Hunter
Heroine: Sophie Alton
Grade 5 out of 5

When a young woman disappears, journalist Sophie Alton investigates and is led to the woman’s brother, a convicted killer who is running from the law. Together, they follow a dangerous path toward the truth-and unforgettable passion.

A few months ago, over at The Good, The Bad and The Unread Pamela Clare wrote up a bunch of posts about the research she did on women in prison and I remember really wanting to read this book. I knew that there were other books before this book but I really wanted to read this book.

And I finally did.

I can’t say how much I loved this book! There was so much to love about this book. There was so much to love about this book. I loved the hero, the heroine, the secondary characters and just everything pertaining to this book.

The blurb pretty much tells us everything we need to know about the storyline so I’m just going to jump into what I liked and what I didn’t like about this book.

What really worked for me was the hero and the heroine.

This was one of those old childhood sweathearts reunited stories, the one that got away and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this particular storyline. It’s just such a great way to come together. To know your hero from before, to know him as a boy and grow up and fall in love with the man that he became. To get over the fact that your man is a convicted murderer and all that jazz was great for me.

Pamela Clare did such a great job of telling Sophie and Hunt’s story that I was more than a little peeved when it came to an end. The book was filled to the brim with lots of action, lots of steamy romance and just great characters. I should have read Extreme Exposure and Hard Evidence first but I’m not even mad about that. I loved this book! I loved seeing Julian and Reese and Kara and Tessa, even Kat and Natalie and the people from the paper, they were all just great characters. I loved all of them.

I can’t wait to read more from Pamela Clare. I can’t wait to dive into the I-Team world and I really really can’t wait to read Julian and Reese’s stories. I loved how they all stood by Sophie when the world doubted her and her reputation was in shreds, I loved how they united against everyone else to support Sophie and I particularly enjoyed reading the end, where we see Hunt fit into their world.

It was just great, the whole entire book was great. It was an action packed adventure, a feast for your eyes and just an all out I love this book and can’t wait for more from this author kind of book. You must really read it to get how awesome this book is, seriously…you won’t be sorry you read it, it’s great! You can see the knowledge that Pamela Clare learned from her research of life in prison and all that throughout this book, the girl knows her stuff and she filled the pages of this book with an amazing story and I just can’t say enough good things about this book.

Seriously, go out and read this book, it’s totally worth the money!

This book is available from Berkley Books. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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11 responses to “Review: Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare.

  1. Wow, this is such a strong recommendation! It sounds fun, too. Oddly, I have never heard of this author, but I think I better check her out.

  2. I have been wanting to read this book since I read Ms Clare’s posts at TGTBTU. It’s on my list, a reward once I make some headway with the TBR mountain.

  3. Isn’t this one great?? I adored it – in fact I adore all her books. And Ro, you really need to give Hard Evidence a try!
    Isabel – it’s the third in a series about a group of women who work together at a newspaper. The first one is Extreme Exposure, the second is Hard Evidence and the third is Unlawful Contact.

  4. I really want to read this book….I thought that this book was going to be interesting by looking at the cover; but after reading your review I can’t wait to read it…this is a outstanding review Wena! I also will be picking this book up ASAP!

  5. Yep – Hard Evidence is Julian’s story. And I lubs him too. He is one hot hero. I also highly recommend her historicals – specially Ride The Fire – but you probably know that by now *g*.

  6. Rowena


    This is the first book that I’ve ever read by her but it’s romantic suspense and it’s really good stuff. I’m sure everyone will enjoy this, you should definitely try it out.


    READ THIS SOON! But read the other books first.


    Seriously, read this book…it’s the bomb! I’ll call you and we can squeal about it together after you finished it!


    YES! It was such a great book, I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to read Hard Evidence, that’s Julian’s story right? He was so sexy in this book, I lubs him a lot! =)


    I can’t express how glad I am that I read this book. Treat yourself!


    Thanks! I just love love loved this book!

  7. YAY! I am glad you liked it. I can’t recommend her enough and her historicals are just beyond fab.

    THIS book is amazing. And just about the best she has done in her RS books. I can’t wait to see what she has for us next.

    And lucky for you her historicals will soon be reissued (right now they are going for about 10 bucks on amazon used) in time for her next book Untamed in Oct ;).

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