Who will it be?

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All Sherrilyn Kenyon fans know that the long awaited story of Acheron is out in August of this year. His heroine has remained a secret. I’m actually surprised that it has remained a secret for all these years. The new excerpt that was just emailed prompted this post.

So…who do you think Ash’s heroine will be and why?

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37 responses to “Who will it be?

  1. I think it’s the bitch goddess, whatever her name was. She’s too constant and has too strong of feelings for him that I think have been pushed forward with the last book or two. Just my thoughts.

  2. Casee, who did I say it was going to be? Whoever it was, I still say her.

    And Sarah, I think Artie the Bitch Goddess will end up with Nick. =)

  3. I never thought about that! Thats a nice little twist, I admit. I think that would be a most interesting combination.

  4. Haven’t read the new excerpt or any excerpt for Ash, since I haven’t read Kenyon’s latest, Dream-Chaser. But my vote goes to Tory from The Dream-Hunter. She was young at the time (15 I believe?), but the story was purposedlty set 10 years ago(1996) which would give her the time to reach the age of most of Kenyon’s DH heroines. Tory was clever, shrewd, likeable, stubborn and obsessed with Atlantis. These are all qualities I would like Ash’s heroine.

    But as long as it’s not Artemis, the heroines identity is negociable. 😀

  5. Holly, you think it’s going to be Satara.

    I agree w/ you, but only because I don’t want it to be Artemis. I think I would give up on the entire series if it was her. I don’t think I could get over my disappointment.

  6. Oh, that’s right. Satara. I’m convinced it will be her. 🙂

    I haven’t read the last couple books, so I’m not sure who Tory is, but I like Satara for his heroine regardless.

  7. Wendy, haven’t you been paying attention? Satara is Ash’s heroine. LOL


    She’s the naughty girl from Dark Side of the Moon. Hmm, I think….isn’t she related to someone on the dark side?

  8. Wendy, did you read that short story about Nick that SK sent out a year or so ago? The one that is turned Nick against Ash? That was Satara.

  9. I think Holly thinks it’s Satara because it seems highly unlikely. And it wouldn’t be an “easy” heroine. I tend to agree w/ Holly. Not b/c I think it’s Satara, but b/c she’s right about things like this more often than not.

    Holly, why don’t you think it’ll be Artemis? I need you to reassure me again. LOL

  10. Well, I think there needs to be a major conflict between Ash and his heroine. Not just that Ash saves the world and she doesn’t, or anything dumb like that, but a real, deep, scary conflict between them.

    Satara is the woman who turned Nick to the dark side, which will make Ash not happy. Plus, she hates Ash for something or other (I can’t remember off the top of my head).

    Not to mention, a few years ago SK dropped some hints about Ash’s heroine. IIRC, she had:

    2 A’s in her name
    Is blonde
    Likes Disco
    Loves Simi
    Hates Ash at first

    Uh..what else? Casee, do you remember?

    Anyway, it just so happens Satara qualifies. 🙂

  11. You only think it’s Satara because I think it is? hahahaha! I love it.

    Let’s see, why do I think it won’t be Artie?

    1. Too much bad blood between them.
    2. She doesn’t really love Ash. She loves the idea of Ash, and nothing he does or that will happen will change that.
    3. Ash hates her, even if he is attracted to her. Plus, he’ll never let go of his issues from the past long enough to let himself love her fully again.
    4. She needs to get with Nick, because she blew it when she made him a DH and because she’ll have to beg Ash for his soul, which will really just be the icing on the cake, IMO.

    Of course, I haven’t read any of the more recent books (DSOTM was my last) and some things probably have changed, not to mention my memory is crap, but I think that’s it.

  12. Does she have a big part on DSOTM? Cause I’m looking around in the book and I can’t find her.

    I’m gonna see if I can find the short story as well because now I’m really curious.

  13. You know, she might not have been in DSOTM at all, she might have just been in that short story. I can’t remember for crap lately. But yes, HER. 🙂

  14. AND I would just like to go ahead and point out that I said from the VERY beginning that Kat was Ash’s daughter. Just saying.

  15. She was in DOSTM, I just read a bit of it.

    But.. isn’t she related to Stryker who’s related to Ash? or something like that?

  16. See, I would totally have to re-read before I argue this intelligently, but IIRC she’s not really related to Stryker. Of course, I could totally be making this up. LOL

    But then, I don’t think Stryker and Ash are really related anyway. Not in a blood kind of way. I soooo shouldn’t be talking about this w/o reading them again, but I’m pretty sure Stryker isn’t really the Destroyer’s son. He’s like a step-son, which means he and Ash are step-brothers, not full or even half brothers. Which means if Satara IS related to Stryker by blood (which I don’t think she is) Stryker isn’t related to Ash by blood so it’s all a moot point.

    Then again, I could be on crack.

  17. Heh, that makes a weird sort of sense. I do remember reading somewhere that Stryker isn’t The Destroyer’s son..although maybe I’m just imagining things.

    Clearly we need Sherrilyn over here, LOL.

    But she was the one who made Nick all weird – does Ash know this? And why does Ash hate her? Because of that or something else? Do we know? And ohmigod, there’s SO many questions!

  18. See, I’m trying to remember, but I think Ash was stolen from the Destroyer at Birth, and to appease her because she went on a rampage and singled handedly wiped out Atlantis (or some such crap) they gave her Stryker.

    And I think Ash doesn’t know yet, but he will, which will make him hate her. Either that or he’ll decide he’s sad for her or something or other. Eh, dunno. Still, I think I could be right.

  19. please, not Artie… Ash has been through enough… we definitively don’t want to it to be Artie at the end. that would be like, bleh.

    I don’t want to it to be Tory. Sorry, but Ash + human heroine, that’s a no-no… come on!

    At this point, I’m not even sure I care about Ash’s heroine… see, that’s the long-term problem with baiting your readers. at the end, they don’t care anymore.

    Anyway, if it’s Satara, well good. maybe that will un-turn Nick. also, Nick and Artie? Poor guy, don’t you think he’s suffered enough?!?!

  20. Eh, I don’t care about Nick. He’s nothing but a whiny baby. Everything that happened to him is nobody’s fault but his own, and yet he just sits around and whines whines whines.

  21. If Ash ends up with Artie, the Bitch Goddess, I am going to be extremely disappointed; they just don’t belong together. I agree with Holly, I think it will be Satara.

    Hmm… Nick and Artie, now that has some interesting possibilities. Nick will need to develop some backbone fast to stand up to Artie though.

    Jaden from ‘Dream Chaser’ is an interesting character, I’m looking forward to his story also.

  22. Oh man, I missed the Ash-mate-speculation party. If it’s not too late, I’ve got some thoughts ….

    Stryker isn’t Apollymi’s son (so not related to Ash)… he’s just sworn to her. Stryker is actually Apollo’s son, born to Apollo’s Atlantean lover (I think she was Atlantean, hence the whole downfall thing…), and Stryker was among the first Apollites cursed by Apollo, and is now Daimon. Since Apollo and Artemis are twins, Stryker is essentially Artemis’ nephew.

    Satara is the daughter of Apollo, so is Stryker’s half sister, and Artemis’ niece – again, NOT related to Ash.

    I like the idea that Satara could be Ash’s mate. She fits all those hints Holly listed up there. Well… does she like Simi?

    I really don’t think Artemis is Ash’s mate. That just doesn’t work. Mostly because they’ve had a very intimate and rocky relationship for all these thousands of years and NOW they’d have an HEA? I think too much has gone sour between them…. and I think Ash needs to be freed from his blood bond with Artemis. He needs to be able to create that blood bond with someone new so he doesn’t have to go to Artemis ever again. EVER. AGAIN.

    Tori could work … but I like the way there is already major conflict between Satara and Ash since they are on opposite sides of this dark hunter war. Makes things nice and complicated. 🙂

    One more thing…. I thought it was Artemis who has Nick’s soul? She’s the one who came to him when his mother died and turned him to a Dark Hunter because he then killed himself and she was afraid Ash would be pissed at her for being responsible for Nick’s death. I think Satara just did her thing with Nick to make him be blood sworn to her. Or something like that? I’m not so sure I like Nick with Artemis. I don’t like Artemis with anyone to tell you the truth….

  23. Christine,
    You’re correct that Artemis originally took Nick’s soul, but she ended up giving it to Ash as a sort of peace offering. So he owns it now. Which is why I think it would be perfect if she ended up with Nick.

    First of all, Nick is one of the few who had no problem standing up to her. Second, it will drive Ash insane, and I think SK plans to make him suffer still before he’s done. Third, Artemis having to go to Ash to ask for Nick’s soul? Priceless.

    Of course it’s all speculation, but I’m sticking with it. 🙂

  24. Oooh yeaah. I kinda forgot that Artemis gave Nick’s soul to Ash. All those points you make are excellent then … and I’m totally digging that theory on Artemis & Nick now.

    Even though I still don’t want Artemis with anyone….

  25. I don’t really want Artemis with anyone, either, Christine, but I figure if anyone should end up with her it should be Nick. He’s one of the few who wouldn’t take her crap, I think.

  26. Seriously, like I said, it’d be boring if Ash and Artie end up together.. and seriously, I can’t see them resolving all their problems.

    by the way, if Satara is Artie’s niece, then perhaps she could subtitute for her for the blood bond? I don’t know how SK wants to resolve this, but I can’t see Ash living happily together with his heroine and then, tell her to wait a little while he goes and get his blood from Artie.

    By the way, where did the idea that Tory could ever be his heroine? Cos seriously, that would be sooo boring. Also, I can’t see Ash, being 11,000 years old and having seen everything fall in love with someone that’s 20-25 years old at most. Sometimes, age doesn’t matter… but in this case, i think it does.

    Well, I don’t care about Nick either… not ever since he got angry at Ash… which seriously, I don’t understand. Though the idea of Artie coming to Ash for Nick’s soul is priceless, I just can’t see Nick and Artie. Just can’t see it.

  27. Gabriela: Here are a few links for you:

    One excerpt

    And another one

    If you go to http://www.yearofacheron.com/ you can join the newsletter list.

    Nath: I’m not so thrilled about Tory being a potential candidate for Ash’s mate either, for the same reasons. I think people started speculating it was her because SK said that his mate made an appearance in the first Dream Hunter book. The only thing that I could see working with Tory is that she’s really intelligent and wrapped up in her research that she might actually be the first woman who is completely uninterested in him, which I think would appeal to him. But… I can’t imagine her having good reason to HATE Ash right now. Although anything could happen in the book, I suppose.

  28. C2

    I say not Satara or Artie (ick!). Maybe Tory. Or the other cousin…the one that looked like Artie? I have blank brain. She was older than Tory, if I’m remembering the right character.

  29. Christine,

    I actually think the hint was that she would hate Ash when she first met him. Has Tori already met Ash?

    Excellent point about Satara being able to substitute in the blood bond. I hadn’t considered that angle, but it makes sense.

    Also, there seemed to be some underlying issues between Satara and Ash in DSTOM. Like I said above, it’s been ages since I read it, but I seem to remember Satara having a hidden agenda when it came to Ash (read: her own reasons for wanting to see him dead, aside from what Stryker wanted).

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