Want To Be A Little More Specific? Please?

Posted April 23, 2008 by Holly in Discussions | 3 Comments

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You know what drives me absolutely batshit crazy? When an author is vague about a physical description. For example: I was reading a book last night and the author described the heroine as having generous curves. She was “curvy”. She had “curves”. I’m sorry, but WTF does that mean?

Is she overweight? Does she have extremely large breasts and a tiny waist (a la Dolly Parton)? Is she normal looking on top but huge on the bottom? Is the author trying to tell me she’s got some child-birthin’ hips? What?

Do you see my frustration?

What about you? Does it bother you when you see general descriptions like that? Or do you like to prefer to just make up the description yourself? Any other reading Pet Peeves you want to share with me?

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3 responses to “Want To Be A Little More Specific? Please?

  1. This one doesn’t bother me, and that’s because I define curvy to be a woman with more of an hour-glass figure (picturing Sophia Loren here) and that’s beautiful. I’ve seen curvy described as overweight, and that I just can’t stand. I’d rather be curvy than bony, thank you very much.

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