TBR Day Review: The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh Walker

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TBR Day Review: The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh WalkerReviewer: Tracy
Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh Walker
Series: The Hunters #6
Also in this series: Private Places

Publication Date: May 4th 2005
Genres: Fiction, Erotica
Pages: 125
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Series Rating: four-stars

The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila Shiloh Walker
"Book 6 in The Hunters series."

Sheila is tired of it. Tired of him. She adores the sexy Hunter she works and lives with, loves him madly, but all he will give her is a good time in bed. And what a time that is. But she wants-needs-more. When Rafe makes it clear that sex is all he will offer, she leaves.

Rafe can't believe that Sheila walked away-he'll be damned if he just lets her go. Throwing caution to the wind, he sets out to track her down and bring her home. But when he finds her, she's lying in the arms of another man. Rage and jealously overwhelm Rafe.and a whole mess of trouble ensues.

An enemy of the Hunters has set up a playground in this land that seems to call to Rafe. He and Sheila, and the motley crew they assemble, must defend and cleanse this land of the evil that dwells there. And Rafe must lead them through horror and sacrifice as he comes into his own-a Master, defending his land, who must bring his woman home. But, to his home, his heart.


This is book 6 in the Hunters series and one of my favorites. I think that Rafe & Sheila’s relationship was well done. I appreciated the fact that Ms. Walker didn’t overdo the “I can’t want you” scenario that we see in so many romances nowadays.
I very much enjoyed the two characters that she brought into the book: Ella and Robbie. They had been through so much heartache and terror at the hands of the evil Pierre but were still so pure at heart. I don’t want to give away any plot details but let’s just say when things came to a head I was crying like a baby. Yes, I’m a big softy at heart!
Rating: B+/4.25 out of 5

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5 responses to “TBR Day Review: The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh Walker

  1. I wanted to be the first to send warm and fuzzy wishes on your blog!

    Great book review. No snark this time around…..lol but I can’t promise to keep my snarkiness to myself next time 😉

    Good luck Tracy!

  2. Thanks Sam & Christine! I’ve never been one that’s big on reviewing so this will all be new territory for me.

    Sam – I’ll expect the snark next time! lol

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