Review: White Lies by Linda Howard

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Genres: Romantic Suspense

Book description:

Nothing could have prepared Jay Granger for the arrival of two FBI agents at her door — or for the news they brought. Her ex-husband, Steve, had been in a terrible accident that had left him gravely injured. The FBI needed Jay to confirm his identity.

The man Jay finds lying in the hospital bed is almost unrecognizable. Almost. Exhausted and afraid, Jay tentatively declares that he is Steve Crossfield. But the man who awakens from the coma is not at all as Jay remembers her husband. And he remembers nothing of their life together. Suddenly nothing is familiar. Not his appearance, not the intensity of his nature, not the desire that flashes between them. Who is this man? And will the discovery of his identity shatter the passion they share?

When Jay Granger divorced Steve Crossfield, she never thought she would see him again. So when two FBI Agents arrive on her doorstep to discuss Steve, Jay is beyond surprised. When they ask her to fly to Bethesda Naval Hospital, she’s almost speechless. Jay can’t refuse, however, especially when she’s told that her ex-husband was severely injured. All they need Jay to do is to positively ID the man they believe is Steve. Then she can go back to her life.

All that changes when she arrives at Bethesda. Quite suddenly, Jay feels a connection with Steve that she never felt when they were married. Which may not necessarily be a good thing considering the man in unconscious. She can’t help but be drawn to this man, who is fighting so hard for his life. Soon, she finds herself reluctant to leave his side.

The unconscious man has no idea who is talking to him, all he knows is that the voice soothes him. When she’s talking, the pain isn’t as sharp and his mind feels a calm that only she can bring. When he finally wakes up, he wants nothing more than to see the woman that brought him out of a coma, which the doctor’s said was virtually impossible. One small problem, his eyes are injured.

As the weeks pass, Jay and Steve reaffirm their connection to each other. While Steve has amnesia (a story line that worked in this case), he has no reason to believe that Jay is anyone other than his ex-wife. For Jay, it comes as quite a surprise when she first realizes that the man in the bed is not her ex-husband. What she does realize is that if she reveals her secret, this man that she has fallen in love with may be in danger. Which isn’t much of a stretch when you take how he was injured into consideration.

Lucas Stone (the real name of the hero) is another prime example of an alpha hero that only Linda Howard can write. Even bedridden, with two broken legs and no sight to speak of, the man still manages to be alpha. He’s still a hero that will protect his heroine. It’s really quite amazing how Howard can write a hero like that in a situation like this one.

I really enjoyed the whole book, though I didn’t like how Lucas reacted when he found out that Jay knew he wasn’t Steve. He redeems himself in the end when he thinks about how it must have been to be in her position. In love with a man that would have been immediately whisked away from her if his true identity was revealed.

There’s also a nice Kell Sabin cameo, which readers should enjoy.

4.5 out of 5.

This OOP book is published by Mira Books. You can buy it used here or here.

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