My Little Princess

Posted April 17, 2008 by Tracy in Miscellaneous | 6 Comments

Oy – what the heck am I gonna do with my little Kyra? She says she wants to be a model when she grows up – no problem. But she’s really smart and I don’t want her to limit her options. Ok, so she’s only in Kindergarten but still…

Anyway she went to a “Runway Party” for her little friend and they really had a Runway show – crazy! The girls all looked adorable but of course mine was the cutest – I’m sure I’m not prejudiced at all. Thought I’d share some pics.


6 responses to “My Little Princess

  1. She is the cutest little runway diva I’ve EVER seen!!!! EVER!!! …. and um…. do they do those runway parties for adults, too? I want one. ;p

  2. LOL I knew I wasn’t the only one that thought she was/is adorable! Thanks Christine. I don’t think they do adult parties, but they might if we pay them enough!

  3. OMG she’s just the cutest little thing! It’s like America’s Next Top Toddler! *grin* That pose she’s striking in the top pic is classic. You gotta blackmail her with it in about 13 years. LOL! I wish I could get away with the makeup she’s wearing… I’d totally love to go to work with just some blue glittery flowers on my cheek. (Wanna start a petition?)
    Great blog, Tracykins!
    Paisley 😉

  4. OMG Paisley – America’s next top toddler LMAO!!! too funny. You come over any day and I’ll do your makeup like they did hers…you’ll have glitter in your hair for days!

    Jen – thanks for stopping by!

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