Cast This Hero…

Posted April 4, 2008 by Rowena in Discussions | 10 Comments

…alright guys, you know the drill. Who does this guy look like he can be in any of our books? Let’s see those names or something.


Until next week….

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10 responses to “Cast This Hero…

  1. He could be mine. I mean really do we have to give him away to cast in a HEA why couldn’t he start in his own with me?

  2. mmmm…yum! He could be either Mike Muldoon or John “Nils” Nilsson from Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series.

    Seriously, he could be any hero in any book. If it features him, I’d read it!

  3. Rowena

    Oohh, yeah a Navy SEAL, I’m all about that one Shannon!

    You think so, Katiebabs? I never saw it but hey, they’re both hot so I’m not complainin’…=)

  4. Ana

    Come to mama! This for me, could be Ismal, the Comte d’Esmond, from Catives of the Night, by Loretta Chase. *drools*

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