And the Last LH Hero Standing Is….

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It’s been a great month of battle of the heroes and I can’t thank you guys enough for coming by every day to vote. Your votes helped decide who was going to be the last hero standing and I’m pretty sure all of the Sam fans out there (myself included) are happy with the Ultimate LH Hero so thanks again and we’ll totally do this again with the next Author Spotlight so stay tuned for more details for that.

Again thanks again to all the readers who participated in the Author Spotlight Battle of the Heroes, it was a great success because of you guys!

Rowena and the rest of Book Binge! =)

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3 responses to “And the Last LH Hero Standing Is….

  1. You know, I’m not surprised since Mr. Perfect is (by far) her most popular novel to date, but I am disappointed. Although I think Sam was a fabulous character, we didn’t get to know him as well as we did some of her other characters.

    We really saw inside the heads of many of her other heroes (even Dane, who I don’t care for at all) but not Sam. Sam we had to see from Jaine’s POV for the most part.

    Still, Ween this was awesome. And lots of extra work for you. So..


  2. I love Sam too, but then again I haven’t read all of Howard’s books. I don’t know, maybe part of the reason he’s not everyone’s favorite is he seemed so normal, not your unforgettable tortured hero, but rather a well-adjusted guy who happens to be really, really hot. Just a thought. I just know I’m happy he won.

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