Review: A Stranger’s Touch by Cait London

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Review: A Stranger’s Touch by Cait LondonReviewer: Rowena
A Stranger's Touch by Cait London
Publisher: Harper Collins, Avon
Publication Date: March 25th 2008
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 384
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Tempest, Claire, and Leona: triplets blessed—or cursed—with a special extra sense they would each deny, given the chance . . .
Tempest was born with the uncanny ability to learn everything about an object—or even a person—just by the touch of her naked hands. But she knows this gift comes at a price, so she protects herself by keeping those she loves at a distance, But when a sinister enemy threatens all that she holds dear, Tempest is forced to reach out to Marcus Greystone, who she once touched willingly . . . and with passionate abandon.
Marcus has never forgotten the sensuous night he and Tempest shared—before she left his bed without a word. Now that she needs his help, Marcus isn't letting her go easily. It's his chance to show Tempest that his touch can also electrify. But a gathering storm of violence is following Tempest, and a killer waits to get his hands on her . . .

I picked this book up and put it down more times then I care to admit on the internet. I kept forcing myself to read this book and after a month had passed, I just tossed in the towel. This almost never happens to me but the first scene between the hero and the heroine turned me off every time I read it that for like a week, I couldn’t read past that part. I would read a few sentences and then I put it down.

It was after like the thirtieth time that I tried to get into the story that I gave up on this story, it’s just not my thing…I can’t give it a grade or anything because I don’t know much about the story other than Tempest has really short hair, like a boy short hair and she slept with Marcus and then left his ass high and dry the next morning without a fair thee well or anything and Marcus was butt hurt about it. She’s part of a set of triplets who have different powers and that her dad died and she blames herself and is trying to get absolution for it by saving the family now.

That’s all I know, that’s all I’ve read and it’s just not my cuppa….so, does anyone want to give this book a go and see if it’s better than I’m making it out to be? This might be something someone else would love but me? Not so much…

…so, who wants to take a shot at this one? If you guys do then leave a number between 1-100 in the comments and whoever gets the actual number or the closest to that number to it will get this book sent to them, courtesy of moi! =)

And….GO! You guys have until midnight Monday, 4/28/08, a winner will be announced first thing in the morning PST.

Good luck guys!

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  1. I’m definitively skipping, LOL 😛 I read one book by this author and didn’t really enjoy it… so I’m not surprised this was a DNF for you.

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