Killing Fear by Allison Brennan

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Genres: Romantic Suspense

Book description:

Theodore Glenn loves to inflict pain . . . both on his victims and on those who later find the mutilated corpses. At his trial seven years ago, Glenn vowed vengeance on Detective Will Hooper, the cop who nabbed him, and beautiful Robin McKenna, the stripper whose testimony put him behind bars. When a catastrophic disaster sets Glenn free, he blazes a freshly bloodied path across San Diego County. But the death he craves most is Robin McKenna’s.

Putting aside their past troubled relationship, Will rushes to protect Robin, now a savvy businesswoman operating an upscale club. As the killings mount and Glenn proves a master manipulator, Robin and Will become snared in a twisted web of horror. But the shocking truth is even worse: The evil they are to face is even deadlier than they fear.

Allison Brennan gets better with every book she writes. In my not-so-humble opinion of course.

Killing Fear kicks off the Prison Break trilogy. When an earthquake hits the San Francisco Bay Area, it literally brings down the walls of the infamous San Quentin state prison. Home to some of the most vile predators, it’s no surprise when the inmates take their chance and flee. One man to escape is Theodore Glenn. Convicted 7 years ago of murdering four strippers, Theodore is determined to track down and kill every single person that betrayed him. Last on his list is Robin McKenna, the woman whose testimony he believes ultimately convicted him.

Robin McKenna has worked hard in the 7 years since she literally stumbled over her roommate’s dead body. Working at RJ’s strip club, Robin always believed that stripping was means to an end (you go, girl), not what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. The day Theodore Glenn came through RJ’s doors is a day that she’d just as soon forget. Never quite liking him, but not knowing why, Robin kept her distance while her friends dated him one by one. Then stood by helpless as they were murdered. One by one. Absolutely certain that Glenn is the murderer, Robin takes the stand against him and helps put him away.

Now Theodore Glenn is out and Robin’s former lover, Detective Will Cooper, is knocking on her door. Believing that she put their failed romance behind them, Robin is less than happy at the feelings Will can still invoke in her. As for Will, he is determined to protect Robin at all costs. It’s only as he starts spending more and more time with her that Will realizes what an awful mistake he made all those years ago when he pushed Robin away.

Killing Fear is a page turner. From front to back, this book is action packed. Brennan did a bang-up job of writing a sociopathic character. For you readers who like your mystery along with a steamy romance, this one is a great one for you.

4.5 out of 5

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4 responses to “Killing Fear by Allison Brennan

  1. azteclady

    Mine is not a popular stance, I know, but *whispering* I didn’t much like the first three Brennan books I read. Perhaps I’ll give her another chance with this one.

  2. Lori

    This is, I think, the best of the bunch. She’s tightening up her plots and her prose with each book. I really liked Will a lot.

  3. Rowena

    Whoa dang, this book sounds really good. I’m definitely picking this one up too, wow..great review Casee!

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