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A number of years ago, I was given a copy of The Return of Eden McCall by Judith Duncan. I remember reading it in a matter of hours and thinking, “That was amazing” when it was finished. The thing is, I’m pretty sure this was the first romance novel I ever read, although I didn’t realize it at the time. Over the years, I’ve read and re-read this book so often the covers are falling off. I still read it every now and again.

A couple of years ago, when I started to read mainly romance, I looked her up on Amazon and found several other novels that were connected to this one. I searched for them (They featured Eden’s brothers, Tanner and Chase) but couldn’t find a copy that wasn’t super expensive (they’re out of print). But the other day, I found both an a used book store. Imagine my surprise.

Anyway, I read them the other day (reviews to follow..maybe) and really enjoyed them. But then I got to wondering, what happened to Judith Duncan? From the research I’ve done, it doesn’t look like she’s published a book since the mid-90’s. Since I haven’t read her entire backlist, it could be that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I can’t help but wonder. She published quite a few novels with Silhouette and Harlequin and then just disappeared.

The same thing happened to another I enjoyed in the past. Jeane Renick. I have a book by her (I believe I got it the same time I got the Judith Duncan books) called Always and I love it. It’s another one I pull out every now and again and re-read it. She hasn’t had anything published since the mid-90’s, either (not that I can tell anyway).

I’d love to find out more about these authors if anyone knows. And maybe we can help you find some, too. Is there an author you adored that seems to have disappeared into thin air? Did you find a book at a UBS and want more by that author, but can’t find any? Let’s try to help each other out..

Update: I found two websites that track down missing authors. This one seems to be the most promising. But this one isn’t bad either.

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10 responses to “Updated: What Happened To….(Now with Links)

  1. Katherine Sutcliffe immediately comes to mind. She dropped off the freaking planet. Which is really a shame b/c she wrote really great romantic suspense. Dark romantic suspense. Her historicals weren’t too bad either.

  2. I heard that, but I was hoping it wasn’t true. *sigh*

    Nice to know someone else feels the same about Bad Moon Rising. I liked Darkling I Listen, but not as much as BMR. And I thought there was supposed to be a sequel. That really sucks.

  3. Judith Duncan was a huge favorite of mine. I waited and waited for each of her SIMs to release because I think she only wrote like one or two a year. I read Jeane Renick too. Holly, didn’t she also write scripts for TV? I think she only did a few books.

    Don’t even get me started on Katherine Sutcliffe. Maybe someday she’ll be saddle sore and return to writing. One can hope.

  4. I think she did, Rosie, though I’m not positive. I think I’ve only read two of her books (or maybe just the one? I’d have to check on that), but I remember reading somewhere that she wrote scripts or something. It bums me out, though, since I think both authors had a lot of talent.

    Another author I’m curious about…Maggie Shayne. Yes, she’s still writing, but she started a Romantic Suspense series and never finished it. Anyone know if she has plans to?

  5. Wendy

    Katherine Sutcliffe retired and is raising horses (or maybe just riding – not sure on that). But I do know she’s retired. Let me tell you, I was majorly peeved to because I thought she had a ton of talent in the romantic suspense department (everyone seems to love Darkling I Listen but for me it was Bad Moon Rising).

    The only reason I know she’s retired is because it was mentioned in passing on the author group blog Murder She Writes. I was kinda annoyed. I mean, she was a popular enough author she should have at least posted something on her web site. Yeah, you’re retiring – but dang, let us know!

  6. What is this Judith Duncan book about? Looks like something I would read. I loved Judith! And now she has retired 🙁
    The all time retired couple who needs to come back- TOM AND SHARON CURTIS!!!

  7. I had no idea there was a site to track missing authors! At first when I glanced at this post, I thought one of the authors you were looking for wrote a Scooby Doo book.

  8. Rosie,
    RE: Jeane Renick

    One of those websites has an update about her. It’s speculation, but the poster seemed to think her publisher wasn’t happy with her sales and had her change her name/writing and when that didn’t work, dropped her. Speculation only,but I certainly hope that isn’t the case. She was a good author.

    Sorry about that. LOL I just like Scooby. 🙂

    The books are set in a small town in Canada. Eden comes back to town after her marriage fails to help her father recover from a heart attacked and runs into her old flame, Brodie. He was from the wrong side of the tracks and she left him when she was a teenager and there are a lot of old hurts lurking around. Really good book. Love it!

  9. Wow, Holly, thanks for the info. You know it’s moments like this…when you share something with someone that really float my boat.

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