Review: True Confessions by Rachel Gibson.

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Review: True Confessions by Rachel Gibson.Reviewer: Rowena
True Confessions by Rachel Gibson
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: March 9th 2010
Pages: 384
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Welcome to Gospel, Idaho, where everyone knows that there are two universal truths. First, God did His best work when He created the Sawtooth Wilderness Area. Second, every sin known to heaven and earth—from the hole in the ozone to alien abductions—is all California's fault.

This is the story of what happened when a Californian came to visit . . .

Hope Spencer knows wacky: as a writer for The Weekly News of the Universe she's "spotted" Bigfoot, Elvis, and the face of Jesus on a tortilla. Arriving in Gospel hoping for some peace and quiet and normal . . . she quickly figures out that there's nothing normal going on in Gospel. From the Barnes sisters with their color-coordinated hair, to the toilet-tossing sportsmen . . . to the murder victim whose body had been found in her house years before, the Gospel truth really is stranger than fiction—even tabloid fiction. Hell, she should have stayed in L.A.

And then there's local sheriff Dylan Taber. He's no made-up character from one of her stories. She could never create anything that good. Dylan's all too real . . . and soon Hope is forced to face the awful truth—she's been too long without a man. But once she gets wind of a Hollywood actress somehow mixed up in Dylan's life, Hope realizes that if they are to have any chance together, he has some true confessing to do.

So in preparation for Rachel Gibson’s interview here next month, I thought I’d break out my RG books and get some rereading in…and I started with True Confessions and fell in love with Dylan Taber all over again.

This story for those of you that haven’t read this book before is about Dylan Taber, the Sheriff for a small town in Idaho called Gospel. Gospel is an out of the way town that is just like any of the small towns you’ve read, where everyone knows your name and you have wacky neighbors but this town has what the others don’t have…they have Sheriff Dylan Taber. They have the hottie father of Adam Taber, who is the hero of this book. Dylan Taber has secrets, secrets that he doesn’t want anyone to know about and the one person he doesn’t want to find out about those secrets is Gospel’s newest neighbor, tabloid writer, Hope Spencer.

Hope Spencer is the hottie new lady in town and she’s trying to find her focus and inspiration so that she can write better stories. I guess there was only so many times you can write about UFO’s with aliens that look like Elvis before it got old and you needed new material.

This story is about two people with totally different backgrounds finding love in the most unlikely of places. It’s about small town love and big city heroines mixing and clashing but finding their way toward true love….a love that can last.

Dylan and Hope were a great match for each other and they were also great characters apart from each other. They …fit and I just enjoyed reading their story. I enjoyed the secondary characters and I just enjoyed the book. It’s not a take me serious because I’ve got a deep storyline with deep characters kind of book, it’s the let’s go to the beach and catch some rays while I laze around and read light and fluffy romance. It’s an entertaining mix of everything you want to read in a book on a lazy day, so the next time you want to read something light, funny and uber cute, pick this book up.

Many thanks to Rachel Gibson for introducing me to the town of Gospel, Idaho…I enjoyed it a great deal!


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6 responses to “Review: True Confessions by Rachel Gibson.

  1. hey Rowena!! I just read this book during the week-end! The grade is about good… i didn’t find Dylan that hot to say the truth… and the storyline was okay… it’s definitively a fluffy romance 🙂

  2. C2

    This is my fave of Rachel’s books. :o) I love the mental picture I get when she is PhotoShopping (or whatever) the locals into aliens.

  3. Dev

    I’ll have to see if I can pick this one up. I really like Rachel’s books so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this just as much as you did!

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