Contest! And Winners! Oh My!

Posted February 10, 2008 by Holly in Giveaway Winners | 18 Comments

Have I ever mentioned how much I luuurve Meljean Brook? No, really, I do. I have a total girl crush on her. Not only is she funny, but she has graphs, man. Oh, and did I mention she’s generous? How silly of me. Yes, Meljean is generous. She’s agreed to give away not one, not two, not three, but FOUR copies of Demon Night, her latest release. How cool is that?

So, here’s the deal. We chose three winners at random from the comments of her last 4 posts. They’re listed below. If you see your name listed, please contact Meljean at with your contact info so she can send you your prize.

Winner #1: Katiebabs
Winner #2: Azteclady
Winner#3: Jill D

BUT! We decided (ok, really Meljean decided..she’s the boss, after all) that others might want to enter, too. So! If you’d like to win a copy Demon Night, leave a comment here before midnight tomorrow (That would be: Midnight, Sunday Feb. 10th by the timestamp on the blog) and you will be entered.

She said any ‘ol comment will do, but I think we should make it more fun. Like, tell me why you luuuurve Meljean. Or tell me why you want to win the copy of Demon Night. Or, even better, tell me why you love this blog so much (what? I was just saying…)!

Or, just leave a comment before midnight tomorrow.

Good luck!

And Meljean,

Thanks bunches for being with us this week..and for being so generous.

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18 responses to “Contest! And Winners! Oh My!

  1. azteclady


    *re reading*

    Yup, that’s my handle, right there.

    *re reading*

    Yay!!!!!!!! *furious happy dancing all over the room* Mine, mine, MINE!!!!! *evil cackle* Come to me, my precioussssssssssss


    Thank you so very much, Meljean and BookBingers (if I may call you that–respectfully, I promise). This has been a really cool and fun week.

    And congrats to Katiebabs and Jill D!

    Oh man, I can’t wait!!! *more happy dancing*

  2. Yay! Congratulations, azteclady, Jill and katiebabs! E-mail me! E-mail me!

    And super thanks to Holly (who had to personally put up with all of my dorkiness and the way I sent her three versions of every post, lol) and the rest of the ladies here for having me. Each of you guys are made of awesome, and it has been a fantastic week!

  3. Maered

    Meljean rules when she lets Missy come out to play. Don’t you miss her, Meljean?

    But better yet, she’s a Bats/Wondy shipper. They are the perfect couple – the Dark Knight and the Amazon Princess. I miss the Justice League.

  4. Very sweet that there is another chance to win a book.

    I’ve added Meljean to my wishlist on Amazon (how I keep track of all the great books I seen reviewed.)

    Love the reviews that I read here. Keep up the great work.

    I’ve enjoyed you blogging here, Meljean.

  5. M.

    since i’ve discovered meljean, she has led me to 3 other blogs (one of which is this one)

    scrolled down to read the graph post, and it was fascinating – after i got over the scary flashbacks to advanced statistics courses and how badly i did…

    my graph would have to be output related to sugar consumption, though!


  6. Um I’d like to win because I’ve never won anything like ever and it would be totally cool to win a book by an author everyone’s raving about. And she does graphs! I’m totally impressed.

  7. azteclady

    Was that why you were fainting elsewhere, katie(babs)? Congrats again, woman!!!

    *still happy dancing*

  8. Hmmm,
    Am I too late? I’m just finishing Demon Moon, which I very much love, and why do I love Meljean? Oh, the complexity and beauty of her work, and the refreshing way that she trusts the reader’s intelligence.

  9. I lurve Meljean because she’s going to give me a book – oh wait, erm, I love Meljean because she charted her use of words, I mean really – how cool.

  10. Azteclady, you have ruled the book contests this week with all your wins, so you should be the one fainting.
    As for the other place I fainted… well that picture is quite.. yeah… another thump should be in order.


  11. azteclady

    katie(babs) I know! I’m making up for 40 years of not winning anything, I think.

    And I’m sorta scared for my love life–you know what they say about luck!!! *biting nails*

  12. Big congrats ladies!!!

    I would love to be entered for the contest. I have been wanting to read this one but have not had the budget to get it yet.

  13. I love Meljean because she’s nice, thoughtful, respectful, never acts hoity-toity, and she even posted on my blog once. 🙂

    I haven’t read Demon Angel yet, but I DID buy it and it’s on my TBR with Nalini Singh’s Mine To Possess and I’m reading an ARC of Ann Aguirre’s Grimspace right now. Awesome… I’ve got some really great reading up ahead.

  14. Meljean is clearly very cool, sweet and smart. And I’ve told her so before. And I know Ethan is as yummy in words as he is in (cover) picture. Can’t wait to read the story. A copy personally from Ms. Brook would be too delightful for words!

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