I Think Teddy Pig Said It Best

Posted January 7, 2008 by Holly in Discussions | 7 Comments

SK’s latest Dark Hunter trailer. And a quote from Teddy Pig, who pretty much summed up my thoughts in a few sentences.

Crazy ass shit with music that sounds like Trent Reznor beat the whole London Symphony Orchestra and they liked it. Go Sherrilyn Kenyon with your bad ass swan hat wearing self.

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7 responses to “I Think Teddy Pig Said It Best

  1. Oh, it didn’t scream DH to me, either, but it IS pretty good, considering most of these trailers are 2nd – or even 3rd – rate. And with the eye candy? Yep, I could watch it again. LOL

  2. At first I was wondering where all the money came from to shoot such great stuff and then I thought I saw Colin Ferrel. Hey. No way she could afford that! I would have liked more light so I could actually see the people but wow.

    It’s still making me wonder about liability and copyrights and stuff. I’m thinking someone is going to be looking at legal copy 😉

    CindyS (still jazzing about the Ebook reader)

  3. Rowena

    I know what you mean, Cindy because I saw clips from Troy and then clips from Alexander and all those other dark movies/tv shows, a lot of A List celebrities in that mix..that’s for sure.

  4. Troy
    The Lost Boys
    Untamed Heart
    Dracula 2000
    Dracula the Ascension
    Lord of the Rings
    Queen of the Damned

    I’m sure I missed a few. lol Great…now I want to go veg out and watch those again. 🙂

    Didn’t feel DH to me either, but it was a good trailer, even if all the clips were snitched from movies and TV shows.

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