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Posted November 28, 2007 by Casee in Reviews | 9 Comments

A few months ago I read a review of If His Kiss Is Wicked. I can’t remember which blog it was, but the reviewer talked about how she couldn’t believe that Jo Gooman isn’t more popular with historical readers.

After reading several of her books, I have to ask the same question. Why has this author remained “undiscovered”? I’ve now read three of her books (and am in the middle of the fourth) and have been blown away by each and every one of them. She has great dialogue, hot and steamy sex, intrigue. You name it. Recently I have been in somewhat of a historical slump. Honestly, there’s only so much I can take of the Duke of Whatsitcalled and Lady Ineedtomarrywellcuzmydaddysaidso. I am so glad that I gave this author a try. She is right up there with Julie Garwood, Julia London (older work), Judith McNaught, etc. Of course that’s only my not-so-humble-opinion. *g*

So tell me…have you read Jo Goodman? Have you even heard of Jo Goodman?

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9 responses to “Historical author Jo Goodman

  1. hey Casee,

    I don’t think this author is “undiscovered.” Sure, she could probably gain more popularity… but I think she has a good and solid established fanbase.

    and personally, I think something is missing in her writing. I enjoyed If His Kiss is Wicked, but not her previous 2 releases.

  2. I haven’t read anything but If His Kiss. I do have several others TBR, however, and plan to read them ASAP.

    I think it was Dear Author who had that post up about her not being more popular, and I agree. I’d never heard of Jo Goodman until Sybil forced If His Kiss on me. 🙂 Just from reading that one novel I rushed out and purchased 4 of her other novels…Seems to me I should have heard her name before this.

  3. Maybe that’s it. Not undiscovered, but not as popular as she should be.

    I agree. We should have heard her name before. I just can’t figure out why.

  4. She’s a favorite of mine. I’ve read eleven of her books, have four on my TBR shelf and three on my wish list. I love her stories and can’t think of one I didn’t completely enjoy. I haven’t read If His Kiss if Wicked. I’ll have to get that one.

  5. I have several of Goodman’s books TBR. I haven’t read her yet because I’ve gotten into a bit of a historical funk, but she seems like an author I would probably like.

  6. I have one of her books on the TBR pile as she was chosen as author of the month in a group I am in. Of course, she was author of the month for September I think, so I should have already read her….but I haven’t!

  7. Hmm, I’m intrigued. 😛

    I’ve never read Jo Goodman, but have If His Kiss is Wicked in the tbr pile.

    I’ll be giving this a try as I’m in a slump.

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