Unmasqued: An Erotic Novel of the Phantom of the Opera by Colette Gale

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One of the world’s most beloved stories as it has never been told before, Unmasqued is a novel of breathtaking historical erotica.

His exquisite obsession…
Christine Daae heard rumors of the hideous Phantom said to haunt the great Opera House in 19th-century Paris. But its youngest and brightest star knows something no one else does-the truth. For in the darkness she thrills to the deep velvet timbre of his arousing voice, and quivers to the soft strokes of his leather-gloved fingers. He is real. Her inspiration. Her Musique d’Ange. Her liberator.

Her erotic awakening…
Condemned to the catacombs below, Erik has desired his obsession from the shadows, careful to keep his identity, and his secret, in the dark. Only he understands Christine’s extraordinary talents and her beauty. Only he can pleasure her like no man has before. But his sensual power comes with a price-and a risk to everyone who stands between them. For Christine too is succumbing to her most forbidden and dangerous desires-and to the Phantom who’s making them all come true.

The Plot:

The plot follows the Webber/Leroux version of Phantom. I’ve tried several times to write down the plot, but I can’t get it right. So I’m cheating and giving you a link of the plot summary. Click here.

The only difference is the ending. In the book and musical version, Christine ends up with Raoul, her true love. In this version, we find she went with Raoul and big brother Philippe so that they wouldn’t have the mob attack Erik. Christine doesn’t want to go but she loves Erik too much to see him hurt. Before leaving, the brothers make Christine pleasure them in front of Erik. Which gives Philippe joy. Turns out Erik is their illegitimate brother and Philippe hates Erik with a passion. So what a perfect way to hurt Erik than to make him watch his true love pleasure another man.

Off to Château De Changy where she is held prisoner. While Raoul is off taking care of some business, Philippe and his wife try and seduce Christine. Raoul arrives and tells big brother, “No, she will not be a part of this.” Philippe has other plans though. He wants Christine. He wants Christine to particpate in their naughty adventures.

Mdme Giry comes to work at the château to help Christine escape with Eric, however, Phillippe discovers the plot. With the help of Mdme Giry and Carlotta, Erik rescuse Christine before Philippe can hurt Christine with his kinky rough sex.

And for those wondering why Carlotta would help (she hates Christine for trying to overshine her) save Christine, this is why: Philippe had strangled her while getting their freak on. Now… strangling someone who’s pride and joy is their voice, a big no no. Plus he did some other rough stuff with Carlotta. Carlotta is pretty bitter and she gives Philippe what has been coming to him. They find him dead, strapped to his sex table with a hard on, a smile on his face, and a red mark around his neck.

Nice. That’s what you get you freak!

What I liked:

I liked the story. I started it and the only reason why I put it down was because my house needed cleaning. I wanted to know what would happen next. I mean, I knew what happened but I just didn’t know how. The sex scenes were pretty steamy. The ranged from sweet to down right kinky. So you get a little of everything.

I loved that Christine loved Erik and they ended up together. I loved how Christine was in love with Erik and how she wanted to be with him and not Raoul.

Hot damn. I’m mostly shocked at Mdme Giry. Woman liked to get her freak on! She was freaky naughty!!! I loved her. I’ll never look at her the same again. Mdme Giry is my favorite character in this book.

I can’t really explain why I liked the book, I just did. I don’t know if I liked the book because I liked the book or because I love the musical Phantom of the Opera.

What Bothered me:

Ok, where was Meg? There is a mention of her, but blink and you miss it. I don’t know about the Gaston Leroux version, but in the webber version, it seemed as if they were close friends. That would’ve been interesting to see Meg in the mix.

My WTF moment:

Ok. There is a scene in the book, where the Erik has Christine in his underground lair. He’s torturing/pleasuring Christine. he’s bringing to her edge of ecstasy and then he leaves her hanging. Several times. You see, Erik caught Christine kissing Raoul and it devastated him. So now he’s showing Christine the pain and agony he felt.

There is a moment, where he has Christine hold a harp. Well.. how do I explain this. She has on hand on one end of the harp and the other hand at the other end. He has her naked and has her stand so her nipples are brushing up against the strings. Then Erik starts to play the harp. Christine is feeling immense pleasure as the strings vibrate against her nipples.

Now, I get the vibrations of the strings would feel good. But… I don’t know… I just wasn’t feeling that scene.


All in all, I enjoyed the book. The pacing was right for me. Yes there was a lot of sex, but it still flowed well with the story. I would definatly check out her next book which is the untold story of The Count of Monte Cristo.

Grade: 4/5

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3 responses to “Unmasqued: An Erotic Novel of the Phantom of the Opera by Colette Gale

  1. Hey Isabel 😀

    I’ve never been such a fan of the Phantom of the Opera… and LOL, I saw the movie and prefers Christine with Raoul 🙂 Sounds interesting though, but the kinky sex… and also, who’s Philippe?

  2. Rowena

    Hey Izzy,

    Great review sweetie, I laughed when I saw that you reviewed this because I can see me and Daphne standing in Borders, reading this book in the aisles and giggling like little schoolgirls because Daph wanted to surprise you with this book…I’m glad you enjoyed it even if you had some WTF moments! hehe…


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