Weekly Reread: Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot

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Weekly Reread: Boy Meets Girl by Meg CabotReviewer: Rowena
Boy Meets Girl (Boys #2) by Meg Cabot
Series: Boys Series #2
Also in this series: The Boy Next Door (Boys #1), The Boy is Back
Publisher: Harper Collins, Avon
Publication Date: January 6th 2004
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 383
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Series Rating: four-stars

Meet Kate Mackenzie. She:

* works for the T.O.D. (short for Tyrannical Office Despot, also known as Amy Jenkins, Director of the Human Resources Division at the New York Journal)
* is sleeping on the couch because her boyfriend of ten years refuses to commit
* can't find an affordable studio apartment anywhere in New York City
* thinks things can't get any worse

They can. Because:

* The T.O.D. is making her fire the most popular employee in the paper's senior staff dining room
* that employee is now suing Kate for wrongful termination, and
* now Kate has to give a deposition in front of Mitch Hertzog, the scion of one of Manhattan's wealthiest law families, who embraces everything Kate most despises ... but also happens to have a nice smile and a killer bod.

The last thing anybody—least of all Kate Mackenzie—expects to find in a legal arbitration is love. But that's the kind of this that can happen when ... BOY MEETS GIRL.

I reread another Meg Cabot book this week and I’m telling you, I didn’t lie when I said that I’m a Meg Cabot fangirl. I seriously LOVE that woman and thank my lucky stars that I picked up The Boy Next Door all those many months ago because I’ve got some serious issues when all I want to read are Meg Cabot books…haha. I picked up Boy Meets Girl a few days ago because I wanted to reread Mitch and Kate’s story. I wanted to feel their love again and I totally did and I realized that I felt exactly the same way this time around that I did the first time I read it and I know this because I read the review I did for this book on Sanctuary’s Finest, so I’m just going to copy that review and post it here…hehe. Ghetto, huh? Well, what can I say? I’M GHETTO! haha.

Kate MacKenzie who moved to New York from Kentucky with her soon to be Rock Star Boyfriend, who won’t commit to her and the hero of the book is Mitch Hertzog, who’s actually John Trent’s sister in law, Stacy’s little brother. Remember the hormonal sister in law from the numerous emails from John to his brother Jason’s wife? Well, it’s her little brother, Mitch’s story and I’ve got to say that Mitch is just adorable.

As much as I loved this little quirky little story about Kate and Mitch Hertzog, told through the hilarious IM’s between Kate and her best friend, Jen Sadler and numerous emails from Mitch and every single member of his family, I’ve got to say that I enjoyed and loved The Boy Next Door a little more. I mean, don’t get me wrong Boy Meets Girl was a great, fun and quick read, but it lacked the character development or relationship development, I should say that John Trent and Melissa Fuller had in The Boy Next Door. Mitch and Kate are a great match and Kate is your usual, good girl next door who cares about everyone and Mitch is the perfect guy in which he’s a tough guy lawyer who wears cartoon character ties that his nieces give him (his nieces being Brittany and Hailey, the same nieces that email John Trent in The Boy Next Door, hehe), he volunteers at the Y to play wheelchair basketball with the paraplegic (sp?) and he’s really a public defender who works for those that can’t afford the big time fees of a big shot lawyer and he’s a really good lawyer as well, he goes to whatever lengths possible to fight for his clients, to make sure that the good guys always win. He’s really a dreamboat and seriously? If it was possible to fall in love with a guy through emails, I’d be in total love with Mitch Hertzog, despite having that impossibly annoying last name.

You see, Mitch’s brother, Stuart Hertzog is the biggest ass in the whole world, and Mitch knows it. So when he has his fiance, Amy Jenkins (you’ll remember this heiffer from TBND, she’s the HR Director for the New York Journal and Kate’s boss) fire the food cart lady, who is nothing but a sweet old lady because she refused to serve Stuart any key lime pie, they’re all in for a surprise when Mrs. Lopez sues them for breach of contract. Kate is drawn into all of this because she’s the one that was put to the task of actually firing Mrs. Lopez and she’s thrown for a loop when Amy tries to frame her with all kinds of nonsense, when Kate is honest and forthcoming with any kind of information that paints the NY Journal is a bad light, Amy fires her and thats when all the fun begins.

Mitch is besides himself because it was his fault that Kate got fired so he decides that he’s going to go for his future sister in law’s throat, he’s going to bring her down and she was going to be sorry that she messed with Mitch and Kate.

Oh gosh, the things that happen throughout the book, the jealousy Mitch shows for Kate and her many “boyfriends” is so cute and the things he does for Kate is uber cute and I was totally smitten throughout the entire book with him.I really enjoyed the emails between Mitch’s family and Kate and Jen had me cracking up until about midnight this morning, right up until I closed the book. Although, the ending was abrupt, I enjoyed the rest of the book to let that get to me. There were a few things that got on my nerves like Kate’s ability to whine about the way her life is and her constant calling herself a loser was a bit much, but not so much that I didn’t enjoy the story. It was a good story and I enjoyed it very much, I think you guys will too.

But I’m warning you now, if you’re expecting some deep dialogue, an intense storyline, this isn’t the book for you. This book is very light, entertaining and funny…that’s all there is to it.

Grade: 4 out of 5


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6 responses to “Weekly Reread: Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot

  1. Dev

    I really liked this story ~ I read it a few years ago and got hooked. I liked the style of writing ~ it was just an easy way to spend a couple of hours and get through a whole story.

  2. Rowena


    Meg Cabot writes some really great teen books, although the book that I’m reading right now I’m not too hot about…but I still heart Meg Cabot for real! You should totally try her out, start with The Boy Next Door and then Boy Meets Girl, those books are great!


    Exactly! I totally loved that the story was told through emails, IMs and all that junk, it was so easy to read and just fun to be apart of, LOVE MEG CABOT!

  3. I love this book because I’m a big English dweeb, and she’s mimicking 17th century epistulatory novels.

    (Yes, you’re judging me right now. That’s okay. I’m judging me, too.)

    But if you liked this novel, and you enjoy Jane Austen… might I suggest “Evelina,” by Frances Burney? Fabulous. Fabulous. Fabulous.

  4. Rowena

    Hey Kate,

    How did you like Ready or Not? Have you read the follow up to this book yet? I’m just about done with it…my review should be up sometime this week.

    And I’m not judging you, I have my own stuff that make people raise their eyebrows at me, so I’m not worried about the mote in your eye since I probably have a beam in mine…haha.

  5. Rowena

    Oh gosh I’m smoking crack…I totally thought this post was for All American Girl, so please disregard that first part of the last comment…LOL.

    Or wait, now you can judge me…haha.

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