Review: Stories to Make You Blush by Marie Gray

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Review: Stories to Make You Blush by Marie GrayStories to Make You Blush
Publication Date: January 1, 2006
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Seven erotic tales to delight the body, the soul, and the senses...

These seven fantasies feature truer-than-life characters and situations, surprise endings and a touch of humor in just the right places to present a tender and mischievous look at the erotic lives of the people around us. Originally published in French, Stories to Make You Blush has been published in eleven languages and 23 countries providing an affectionate tribute to the wonderful world of pleasure.

Isabel’s review of Stories to Make You Blush by Marie Gray.

I’m not going to recap all the stories. I’m just going to mention my favorites.

Story 1. City Lights

This one is about a couple who moves into an apartment with huge windows. They both agree the view is wonderful. Later that night they see their neighbor getting it on with some guy. The couple both find it kind of hot. They wonder if the neighbor knows she’s putting on a show for them. The couple start looking forward to their privates shows.

I enjoyed this one story. One of my favorite stories in the book. I like hot it showed they were both aroused but all, “Did she know we watched?” and even the awkwardness when the wife runs into the neighbor. I felt like blushing for the wife.

Story 3. Michael’s Birthday

Michael is at a bar waiting for his lovely wife to show up when lo and behold a sexy red head shows up. She starts to flirt with him but what shall Michael do? Enjoy the flirtations of this sexy woman or tell her, “hey lady, step off my wife is on her way.”

Another one of my favorite stories. I enjoyed watching Micheal squirm a little when the redhead flirted with him. The rest of the story…steamy.

Story 4. The Roar of the Crowd

So Andrea has a new boyfriend and they are taking things slow. Except for their first time, they are gonna do something a little spicy rather than the tradition romantic night. They are gonna fulfill one of Andrea’s fantasies: having sex in front of a crowd.

I personally do not have this fantasy but I still found this story enjoyable to read.

Story 5. Midwinter Reverie

Michele and her husband Martin are going through rough times. They have a fight and Martin goes off on a business trip. All of sudden flowers, sexy lingerie and notes start arriving. Michele thinks its Martin, but nope, not him. Then she starts receiving phone calls. Someone has been waiting for her to be alone. He’s been watching and wanting her.

Michele is scared but remembers telling her hubby a fantasy: of being stalked and forced into submission. Could it be her husband?

This one I also enjoyed. Cause I felt that fear with Michele and was hoping it was Martin and not some nut job stalker.

All in all I enjoyed these stories. They are short and fast reads but they don’t leave you feel like something was missing. Everything is tidied up in the end.

Grade: 5 out of 5


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    Alright, my turn Izzy…can you send it to me, these stories sound really good, I wanna read it!

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