All New Harlequin Titles Available as eBooks

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Toronto, (September 19, 2007) Harlequin Enterprises Limited, one of the world’s leading publishers of women’s fiction, announced today that they have become the first major publisher to make their complete front-list catalog available in the eBook format. Harlequin releases more 120 titles per month, and their complete list can be found at

Harlequin entered the eBook marketplace in October 2005 and has experienced unqualified success since that time. Romance novels have proven to be one of the most popular categories of digital publishing, and Harlequin titles regularly top eBook bestseller lists.

Harlequin has further embraced the digital revolution by expanding its catalog to include original editorial by New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling authors offered exclusively in the eBook format—Harlequin Mini and Spice Briefs eBooks—as well as releasing digital eBook bundles not available in print.

“Women have embraced eBooks,” says Malle Vallik, Director Digital Content & Interactivity. “They demand portability, immediacy, availability, depth, breadth and convenience and, by making our entire front list and exclusive digital editorial available to them, we are meeting that challenge. We are meeting the needs of our current audience and reaching a new and diverse base of readers. Seeking innovative new ways to serve our audience continues to be a Harlequin tradition.”

Personally, I think this is fabulous news. I know some of you haven’t jumped on the eBook bandwagon, but you really should. I think for me the best thing about having an eBook reader is the instant gratification. Since I moved the closest bookstore to me is over an hour from home (actual bookstore, not Wal-Mart or etc). So when a new book is released I either have to drive an hour to get it or order it online and wait for it to be shipped. But since I got an eBook reader, I can buy them online and download them immediately. Instant gratification. I no longer have to wait anxiously for the mail to arrive or force myself and my children into the car for a long drive. Just a few clicks of the mouse and the books are mine for the reading.

I’ve also found the prices to be somewhat less for eBooks than print. Perhaps no more than a few cents on the dollar, but when you have a fetish for Romance – as so many of us do – every penny counts.

I think Harlequin offering all new titles in eBook format is wonderful. I’m sure most large publishing houses will soon follow suit. Personally? I couldn’t be happier.

Do yourselves a favor and check into an eBook reader.

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8 responses to “All New Harlequin Titles Available as eBooks

  1. Thanks to some help I got early in the summer I got the software loaded on my Treo and can read books on it, but I’d rather have an ebook reader. I’ve been waffling and procrastinating and really, really don’t know which one to buy. What do you have?

    I got an email about the Harlequin books and think that it’s great news.

  2. I have an eBookwise, Rosie. It’s not the top of the line model, but it suits me well. The price is reasonable and it’s VERY user friendly.

    I talked Chantal and Daphne into getting one, too, and they both love theirs. You can choose from several formats and it’s comfortable to read. I’ll bring mine with next weekend so you can peek at it.

    Actually, I bought mine on eBay for about $20.00 less than the list price on

  3. Lori

    I’ve loved my ebookwise, too! Damn think died on me when we were in England, though. I think it happened when I tried to charge it up. So I’m gonna take it with me to Boston and see if my good bud Katie’s charger works on it. If not, then I’m getting a new one. Cause I just can’t wait for anything else LOL! And I have too many books in that format to waste my $$ on another reader that doesn’t support it.

    Rosie, I love it, I have to say. It was awesome – till it kicked it 🙁

  4. Yeah, I’ve heard several people say good things about the ebookwise. Holly, it would be great if you let me take a look next weekend.

    Lori, you kicked it?

  5. Does it hurt your eyes the way reading on a computer does? Ive never tried a reader and just have never been able to get into the concept of ebooks. I just love paper ones a lot. Most of my news books are sent automatically through the Dorchester bookclub. But who knows, maybe I’d love it if I got into it. I’ll try anything once.

  6. Lori, was it just not charging?

    Rosie, I’ll be sure to bring mine along this weekend. I already talked Chantal and Daphne into buying one, so beware. 😛

    Nope, doesn’t hurt your eyes at all. I thought it might, too, but nope. I can’t stand to sit and read on the computer, but I love my eBookwise. The only time I have issues with it is if I’m outside in the bright sun and then come back inside. It takes awhile for my eyes to readjust to the screen. But otherwise, it’s great.

    And really, Instant Gratification is nothing to scoff at. 😛

  7. Chantal

    I bought my ebookwise from the same Ebay seller that Holly got hers from.

    I love that Harlequin is doing this. It sure does save space on my book shelf.

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